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EDTECH 5340 Week 1.

Post: DAY 1

  • Briefly reflect on today’s activities (optional: include images of process and/or the artifact you created).

Today I had a couple of fails and a couple of decent prints/pop ups. My first two pop ups were fine but my attempts to make multiple cuts on a small surface were less than successful (see image below image A). I did not get the paper and cutting pad securely into the 2D printer and the results were well epic fails (see below image B). My last shape was successful (see below image C).

A.popup 2small cuts

B.pop ups 1st

C.pop ups step popups

Final cut out shape with 2D printer.

Final cut out shape with 2D printer.

  • Respond to the prompt: Considering your own existing teacher knowledge (TPACK- your TK knowledge of technologies, your PK knowledge of instructional strategies, and your CK knowledge of your content area), how do you think you can make relevant instructional connections to the tools we will explore in this course?

It is my intention to use the tools we will explore in this course to further develop my multidisciplinary lesson plans into ones that have a more math-based slant. In the past I have been really heavy on the English language arts-based lesson so I am looking to diversify my level of intensity of mathematical content.

              “3-2-1” formative assessment::

            3 things you learned today

Make sure the paper/cutting pad is secure in the printer.

Make sure you check the size/ratio of design before you print it if you intend to put it in a pop up.

I you want to make parallel cuts in an angle cut “Do not make the angle cut too small.”

         2 things you want to learn more about, and

I would like to learn more about pull tabs.

I would like to learn more about complex paper cut outs.
         1 thing that you are confused about and/or is driving you crazy.

Finding solid images or jpegs to import into Silhouette Studio and using the draw tools successfully.

Wow, I would love to go???



loomi-1loomi-2loomi-3-loomi PEOPLE LIGHTS



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